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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 31, 2018 7:00am-8:50am EST

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eagles. captioning funded by cbs r good morning. it is january good morning. it is january 31, 2017. he talks about immigration, opioid epidemic, and north korea. wheel get reaction from joe manchin and republican senator marco rubio. the president is pushing a $1.5 trillion plan to build highways, bridges, and other infrastructure, but where will the money come from. why mr. trump's solution may not be enough. facebook's rising pressure to delete an app designed just for kids. they say it could damage a
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child's development. plus, a local newspaper reporter uncovers what he believes to be the last ship to bring slaves to the u.s. we talk to two cousins who say their ancestor was onboard that snipe but we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> my duty is to defend americans and their right to the american dream because americans are dreamers too. >> the president calls for unity in a marathon state of the union. >> many of the democrats looked like they had bitten a lemon. >> joe kennedy. >> a government that struggles to keep itself open, russia, knee-2k50e7 in our democracy, a justice department rolling back civilian rights by the day. >> a classified memo on the russia dwgs is now in the hands of president trump. he was heard having this
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exchange. >> >> the worker who sent out that false missile alert in hawaii has been fired. >> he belie was imminent. >> the dow fell for a second straight day with declines. >> a helicopter crashed house in newport beach, trauma everybody in the neighborhood. >> all tpport? a paeshlg tried to bring a peacock aboard newark. >> -- and all that matters -- >> as per tr opposes the president gave that given by conan o'brien. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> if you work hainif yourself, believe in america, thenanythin anything, and together we achieve absolutely anything.
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>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." it was a late night for us this morning but we're glad to be here, all in our places. i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and john dickerson. president trump used his first state of the u.n.dd the impact of his presidency. >> this, in new american moment. there has never been a better time to start the american dream. >> the president touted the hig tax cuts and other changes from his first year in offi condemned criminals whond he challenged immigration reform. >> cbs new
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of four americans who saw the speech approve of the president'message. eight in ten americans who watched say they believe mr. trump was trying unite the country rather than divide it. the audience, according to our 25% democrat. major garrett is at the white house request details on the hour and 20-minute speech. good morning. >> good morning. he made the story of his presidency about somebody. the guests he feature and the stories threshold the administration has accomplish and what it hopes to do in the future, suggesting what's ahead is less about him and more about the country. >> the state of our union is strongau people are strongfirst state of the union s since taking office to call for what has presidents, an end to bitter partisanship.
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>> i call upon all of aside our differences. >> mr. trump called for compron with echoes of campaign rhetoric. >> open borders havelld gangs t >> he recognized the parents of two b ms-13 gang members. >> 320 m ronht now breaking for you. >> and called family-based immigration a dangerous loophole that should be scrapped. >> a single immigrant can bring in virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives. under our plan, we focus on -- >> that drew hisses from the democrats as there are limits and long waiting periods. the president highlighted his first year achievements including economic growth and stockmarket changes but made no mention of the russian
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investigation that has put him at odds. >> america loves ourve a govern shows them the same love and loyalty in return. >> he employees who showed otherwise could be penalized. >> so tonight i to empower every cabinet secretary with the authority to remove federal empes undermine the public trust or failmerican people. >> the president also tackled north korea cas of kim junk unease human rights abuses idiimpris imprisonment and mistreatment of otto warmbier who died after to >> his parents are hereit tonight. your strength truly inspires us
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all. r also -- >> stillp those old crutches as a reminder of h you've come. >> c know they'll run for re-election against president trump's low give thematings and lat night's space to ireprdeifent the polic not necessarily himself. norah? >> well said, major. thank you so much. democtic rese came from a high schoolo repair class in massachusetts. congressman joe kennedyredent o country. >> it would be easy to dismiss , partisanship as politics, but it's far, far that.
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this administration isn't just us. they're targeting the very idea protection. >> kennedy did not mention thee say that, quote, bullies have never matched the spirit of the american people. congress will decide the fate of much of the agenda they laid out last night and approval is no sure thing. nancy cordes is on capitol hill with the odds of success for some of the president's plans. good morning. >> good morning.itol hill is essentially frozen in unl then. the challenges, that the president laid out the fourigra agenda last night and democrats deeply oppose two ofses. the one we spoke to after the beach said they can sep tougher a path to citizen ship for the
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so-calle youd people brought to the country illegally as children, but democrats pro president to end the visa lottery program and especiallfa as, quote, a right-winged noted it's going to be next to impossible to getgo along with this dreamer plan if it doesn't. one issue both sides were hoping to hear from last night was opioids. the president did have this emotional moment where he introduced a police officer and his wife who had adopted a baby from a victim of heroin addiction. but while president said he was committed to addressing the problem, members of congress from both sides wanted to hear specifics, and they didn't last night, john.
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>> nancy, thanks. democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia is with us from capitol hill. senator, good morning. >> good morning to you, john, gayle, and norah. >> good to see you. >> after the president's speech last night, will it be easier or harder for the president to work with democrats? >> i can't speak for the rest of my caucus, i really can't. you know, we're all americans, whether you're democrat or republican. you've got to make this place work and you've got to reach across the aisle. i out of respect and civility, i showed respect for the president. a lot of the things he said, i liked. we've go tot try to make it happen and look at the details and how we can fix infrastructure, attack the opioid addiction, get pensions back. there's so much to do. sitting there with frowns is not going to fix anything. let's embrace each other and try to make it work. if we disagree, let's work and
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try. >> are you talking about your own party? >> i do, i do. i speak up. they've been very curious to me. i don't have a whole lot who come from the same demographics i come from. i'm right in the middle. john. i try to be the best of both sides. if i can go home a, i will, if can't explain to west virgia i w the infrastructure? >> i have never seenpothole belonging to the democrats and republicans. the pothole doesn't belong to broad baft high-speed, all the things we need to invigorate ou. versifying. virginia opportunit
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i'm going to embrace everything to make it better for my that. >> he raised eyebrows a couple of times last night, one in rt congress to empower every cabinet secretary to ers rdd to employees who undermine the federal trust and the american people. how did that land with you? >> when i was governor -- i know where he's coming from. he's used to the private sector where people are rewarded for their good and outstanding services. it's hard in public service. i always said give me the budget for my agency. at the end of the year, if agency has performed up and beyond and i had "x" amount of one agency or divide, that give them basically some incentives and rewards for a job w >> i think to up on it
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might apply to the fbi and justice department. >> no, absolutely not. branches government to the democracy. we're the earth with the greatest history. with that rule and the three branches. we're exercise that vigorously. i would say, mr. trust the system we have, believe in the people and let the system work its. we're going to be fine. >> you're on the intelligence i straight up? >> i have the utmost e have been able to work with the intelligence community on down. if anybody would take time to meet with the dedicated people we have. they don't do first fame or fortune, jochblt they are the best of the best. >> the republicans on the how intelligence committee have voted to release the nunez memo.
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the president said 100% he's going to release it despite the fact they've urged him not to. >> it's wrong. absolutely wrong. first of all, he won't reveal his sources, nunez. this was a man sanctioned by his own kmut tee members that he couldn't be on the russian probe. this is a person that kind of shoots from the hip. and nunes has neutered the incredibility of this intelligence committee on the house. the senate intelligence committee is the only thing left to put confidence into the system and also the investigation. what he's doing is just wrong, throwing caution to the wind and trying to trash the whole judicial system is so wrong and irresponsible. every member of the intelligence committee knows that. >> the president is appearing to be doing a bit of a moon walk.
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first he said i look forward to talking to him. now he said if my lawyers allow it. now he says they might not talk to him at all. they say there's still a possibility he meet fire robert mueller. what do you say about all that? >> first of all with respect to firing robert mueller, i prayo he doesn't do tha i think that would be the wrong elleg to do. would see congress believe that would be a wrong move. watch and on rosenstein first. that's the chain of events i predict will happen. my recommendation, let this pla finished, let mr. mueller dos he thing. you free.
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>> senator manchin, thank much. >> thank you. john and norah, thank you so much. also on capitol hill this ed o'keefe. he's a congressional the "washi" good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> i want to speak where the senator left off. it raised some eyebrows. what did you make of that? >> there was bipartisan support for making those kinds of changes. i think more than anything, that was designed to appeal to the base. a lot of people on the republican side, a lot of his supporters loved that he talked about this during the campaign and appreciate that they were able to make good on that promise last year. i think what he's suggesting here is if there is some industry that does, that perhaps they should have the ability to do that. >> what you're talking about there is theub text underneath
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the speech, the way it was identified which might no be recognizable to respond? >> to put it bluntly, they didn't llot o things they said register with them at all. they were espe the way they characterized immigration, the fact that equa with dreamers and sat there andf 1 pena nieto 8 million suggesti that some young people coming to the countrye punished and sent away. they said, look, nothing he sai. it's an issue urgently on capitol hill that has to be addressed in the coming days. >> what is the status? >> republicans and democrats are supposed to be talking about it, john, but republicans are leaving town.
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they're headed to west virginia to talk about the year ahead leave democrats back here in washington uncertain of how they play out. you've got a week or so left before the next deadline and there have been conversations under way. but you talk to dick durbin, the democr democrat. he also made a good point, is that the states of the union address are given and they're often quickly forgotten up here on capitol hill. >> all right, ed o'keefe. thank you so much. a man once described in the las vegas shooting opens up. ea who
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wa in 1866. >> none of us hav good morning i'm rahel solomon philadelphia police say they are ready for anything that super bowl weekend might throw their way, only "eyewitness news" was in mayfair as officer met with bar and business owners in preparation for big game sunday, if is there a popular gathering place for parties after big game and they will increase manpower and include checkpoints where they will be looking for bottles ape weapons. let's keep it safe. lets check today's frigid forecast, hi there, katie. >> it is cold, temperatures or what level with where they are yesterday when it comes today time highs yesterday we were level in the 30's all day long new we have got a little bit of wind, as well as cold air so it feels more like single
7:27 am
digits in many electricians but beautiful sunrise, underway to help fade away that super blue blood moon through the overnight. next couple days a couple systems move flaw thursday night, friday, and sunday rain or snow mix is possible, rahel >> lets take a look outside is there an accident on the vine street expressway westbound before i-76, as you can see traffic is squeezing by in within lane and eastbound bristol road closed northampton township for an accident between davisville road and route 232 and an accident involving a pedestrian in conshohocken there are injuries reported. we will keep you up to date. our next update 7:55. up next this morning why health advocates want facebook to stop its new app messenger for kid. i'm rahel solomon, good
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should fema plans to stop delivering food and water to puerto rico today. 30 members of congress said the people in remote areas. hurricane maria devastated the island about four months ago. president trump addressed them in the state of the union speech last night saying, quote, we are with you, we love you. former olympics team doctor larry nassar is back in court today. he faces another prison sentence
7:31 am
for sexually abusing girls at a gymnastics club. he was sentenced to 175 years. the texas governor also ordered an investigation into the karolyi ranch. the fired h emergency worker thought the attack was real. a federal report out yesterday said the employee did not understand it was a drill when he sent the warning earlier this month. he said he did not hear the word exercise even though it was repeated six times and others heard it. the also misunderstood prior drills. >> makes you wonder why he was on a job that's so serious. police believe that douglas haig may have conspired with stephen paddock, but it estill unclear.
7:32 am
it's under investigation. mireya villarreal spoke with him in an interview you'll only see on "cbs this morning." good morning. >> good morning. doug haig was contacted one day after geerts found a box of ammunition with his a dress on it. wheen we spoke with haig, he told me he had no idea what stephen paddock was going to do when he met him just a few weeks before the massacre. doug haig said he sold stephen paddock 720 rounds of ammunition from his home business. >> he told me exactly what he wanted. i handed him a box with the ammunition in it and he paid me and he left. >> reporter: the rounds he sold are called tracer ammunition, bullets that leave a individualable trail. >> he said he was going to put
7:33 am
on a light show. i can't remember if he said for or with his friends. that's what he said. >> reporter: but they say haig may have conspired with stephen paddock to commit murt with a deadly weapon. haig strongly denies that. >> i felt they were hoping they could find a connection between myself and paddock that would go back and showing i supplied him with most of his ammunition, possibly firearms. they're not going to find it. i talked to the guy three times. >> it's unclear if haig is still a rn person of interest but he was the only one mentioned by name in the search warrant other than the girlfriend marilou danl danley. >> feel horrible. >> haig doesn't blame himself but within weeks of the massacre he decided to shut down the business. >> i'm still racking my brain, what did i miss, why didn't i
7:34 am
pick this up. >> haig has not been charged. he continued to work with investigators. we did reach out to the fbi and local law enforcement. no one is commenting because this is still an ongoing investat thanks. fascinating. president trump highlights his plans to rebuild a crumbling infrastructure at his state of according to a report released this week, americans deficient bridges 174 million kris van cleave is under one of them in cr kris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're under one of tennessee's destru structurally deficient bridge.
7:35 am
aging and decay.there's about a $10 billion project backlog. >> america's infrastructure is in dire straigts right now. they estimate over $2 twillion in the next ten years needs to be invested to keep american infrastructure from pauling apart. >> transportation is a huge neep. if you look at the gap, half of that is in roads, bridges, and mass transit systems. that's three of the 16 categories we've identified. >> 12 received some form of a "d" or poor rating. >> it is also time to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. >> last night president trump
7:36 am
pushed his plans to approve a $1.5 trillion infrastructure. that plan would include congress recontributing money over ten years while calling for hundreds of millions of dollars to come from cities, states, and the private sector. >> every federal dollar should be leveraged by partnering with where appropriate tapping into private sector t permanently fix the infrastructure deso-called priv partnership tend to work in areas that generaet more forrpo. he believes trump's infrastructure plan could be dead onthere's not substantial federal funding. >>underfunded transportation programs to fund a new f not going to happen. it's a nonstarter on both sides
7:37 am
of the houses. trump plan isn' expected to get to capitol hill r so details could change in ta plan. but when it gets going to be competing with a host of others. >> all right, kris. makes me nervous seeing him standing under that bridge that is deficient, but a great report. i keep thinking how a good in a infrastructure plan could reemploy impeachment and revitalize people. >> you do have people on both sides. >> everybody wants a bridge to be safe. >> there's a new p of a facebook messaging app kids. they say it's tied to increody issues. plus wenv
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more than 100 p advocates are calling on facebook to pull the plug on it. note, a growing body of research demonstrates that excessive use of digital devices and social media is harmful to children and teens. >> they wanted to give a safe way tond send messages to family and friends. it features stickers and face-fillers for those to 13 ol.
7:43 am
critics say it's too young for ñ social media. kindergartner ila tomlinson has been used the facebkids' app since december. the 6-year-old's thomason signed the world they in. technical coordinator in farasota, florida, likes the who their children talk to. >> that creates a safer environmenl messages. then all you need is a phone number and younybody and there' no blocks. sa be set up under parents' facebookchildren still not allowed to have their sharinging commenting, or
7:44 am
posts. >> reporter: a facebooks spokesperson sai focus on making the focus on kid as best experience. >> what's doing is indock tin traiting kids in social media when their friendships should be offline and face-to-face. >> reporter: he said elementary students should not be exposed to the harmful effects of social media. he cites studies leading to increase in s issues and. >> going after young children trying to g media, it ooh going to be a what responsibility do the parents bear? >> the do ultimately but as a society we have the responsibility to helpildren ea to look out for all children.
7:45 am
>> he feels so keeping children off social media that he took the wait until eighth pledge which encouraged parents not tr kids e eighth grade. he told us he'll his 9-year-old daughter wait even longer than days where you'd get on a bike and go t pick up a phone and say, hey, play? >> it's important. i asked the girl what doels you like to do. she likes to go outside and play. they do have access. >> parents have to monitor it. that's all. >> when you go out to the sitting at a table leak this. >> including the kids. >> it from. from their parents that oh,sod >> thanks. up next.s morning's other
7:46 am
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are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist about humira. this is humira at work. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's look at some of this morning's headlines. "the new york times" reports hillary clinton said she should have fired a campaign aide accused of sexual harass management. the aide was accused of repeated harassment of a young subordinate in 2007. in a state last night clinton said she would take different action next time. she quo, i didn't think him was
7:51 am
pume ahead of super bowl i. activity is widespread. malcolm butler was reportedly hospit m symptoms heechls expected to recover in time for sunday's big .65,000 fans in the stadium to please h sanitizers. politico saysump's top health official -- she brought shares into the company after agency last sum. services confirmed the stock >> bloomberg reports the u.s. government is investigating apple over software updates that slow iphones. the justice department and s.e.c. are
7:52 am
they said, we have received questions from some government agency and they are responding. the last ship to bring slaves to the u.s. may be buried in mud along the gulf coast. ahead, how the missing piece of american history was apparently discov discovered. hillshiturkey breastroasted
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good morning i'm jim donovan ticket reseller stub hub says pennsylvania's out pacing all other states in super bowl ticket sales, with just four days before kick off 14 percent of all tickets have been sold to people in the keystone state just under 11 percent were bought in massachusetts. right now least expensive ticket still available is around $3,500. lets send it over to katie for a look at the forecast. >> a bargain in comparison. we're finding here today is a chill in the air, we do end up topping off about where we did yesterday, but we started off on a much colder note. beautiful view overlooking center city with us the current conditions though currently you are only in the
7:57 am
teens and it feels almost 10 degrees colder then that. you are certainly going to need to bundle up walking outdoor with the modest north to west wind flow in filets but we will see a few cloud, it stays dry. tomorrow evening especially that the next round of wet weather comes n it will be rain turning to snow through the overnight, jim. >> looking at traffic there is an accident on the vine street expressway, westbound before i-76, the right lane there is blocked cause something backups. also there is an accident on i-95 southbound near bridge street left lane there is blocked. eastbound northampton township for an accident between davis ville road and r nex update 8:2. coming up this morning, divers may have uncovered the last sp o the u.s., i'm jim donovan, good
7:58 am
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well, good morning. this mo? bright-eyed and bushytailed? hope, 2018. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, senator marco rubio us his impression. plus, an early look at some ads that willwl a what you get for million. but first here's today's "ey president trump used his first state of the union address to praise americans and the impact of his presidency. >> president trump last night did something he almost never
8:01 am
does, made the story of his presidency about somebody else. >> immigration is the one issue that has to be resolved first. the president laid out the four pillars of his immigration agenda, and democrats deeply opposed two of those pillars. >> after the president's speech last night, will it be easier or harder? >> we're all americans. you've got to make this place work and you've got to reach across the aisle. just to sit there and frown is not going to fix anything. >> to put it bluntly, they didn't like it. a lot of things he said don't register with him at all. they were especially upset with the way he characterized immigration. >> it's like the grammys, but less political. >> you had the generals, the supreme court justices, mitch mcconnell in the audience and, of course, ted cruz was watching from his usual seat. >> i'm john dickerson with gayle
8:02 am
king and norah o'donnell. his state of the union address touted his achievements after his first year in congress. the president asked for unity and said he's willing to reach across the aisle that ensures the safety of americans. >> my duty and the the sacred d is to defend americans, to protect their safety, their families, their communities, and the american dream because americans are dreamers too. >> the president is offering a pathway to citizen ship fmillio brought to the u.s. illegally aa border wall, an end to theation change to the family immigration rule. ready to respond to threats fro
8:03 am
must modernize and rebuild ourar having to use it, but making it it will acts of address by any other nation or anyone else. foreign affairs correspondent margaret brennan is with us. good morning. >> good morning. let's stalk with new yoorth kor. what is he try dog? >> he's trying to get under kim jong-un's skin. i thought it was also interesting to focus so much on human rights if, indeed, the message of the united states is, look, kim jong-un should have nothing to fear about sitting down and talking to us because
8:04 am
he doesn't want are jet stream change. it's an interesting cross-kufrpt there. >> i thought some of the most interesting news on north korea was not what was in his speech but his choice to be ambassador for south korea. >> with drawing his nomination -- he doesn't support his bloody-nosed policy. that was shocking. explain that. >> still no nominee there and it's actually been withdrawn. reportedly in this op-ed he lays out, the bloody-noetzed strategy. there are other innuendo well. they're trying to keep the tensions low and we have no u.s. ambassador running our mission there. >> and to do it on the date o the state of the union.
8:05 am
>> and not have a backup. that's shocking. >> the comments by the president on north korea come ten days before the winter olympics. the north will play a significant part in those games. ben tracy is there monitoring the situation. good morning. >> good morning. there's not been any official reaction from north korea just yet but as you mentioned this could complicate the fragile relationship between north and south korea that has emerged over the olympic games. keep in mind the north korean delegation is expected to arrive in south korea on wednesday and they've been trying to do everything to make sure they don't derail the program or provoke kim jong-un to disrupt the games. they will not take highly his well documented human rights
8:06 am
abuses. the president's speech could be seen by the u.s. as laying the groundwork for some sort of military strike. they're planning on holding a massive military parade the day before the olympics begin. they say this is to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of its military. now, north korea rarely holds its tongue when it is criticized by the united states, especially by president trump. so you can lightly expect in the next 24 to 48 hours we will hear something back from north korea. norah? >> ben tracy. thank you. marco rubio is a member of the senate intel jnlt and foreign relations committee. he was there. good morning. good to see you. let's dig right into the details. the immigration plan the president laid out last night, he called it a down the middle-compromise. but when he said that a single immigrant can bring in virtually unlimited number of distant
8:07 am
relatives, so-called chain migration, was he correct? >> it depends on what you mean by distant relatives. you can bring your parents and siblings. understand what the president is asking for. he's asking for a change that almost every other country has. by the way, a change we had in the 2018 bill. a person in this country can bring their children and can bring they're -- obviously their spouse, but you can't be the one that brings your parents or siblings. that doesn't mean they can't come. you just can't claim them to t we need a plan b bill that just deals with daca and the that's right. >> do you think the changes can't get through the u.s. senate? i because democrats have voted for them in the past. in 2013 in the bill, the
8:08 am
democrats not only went to that sort of immigration on the family. but they also got rid of the is thing the president is asked for. in fairness, did it as part of a controversial can be sun. but if we can't, we should plan b that basically focused on border security and focuses making sure the people of daca do not lose their status. give themselves somethingknow t the rest of their lives and keep focusing on the path to citizenship. >> many people took offense when he seemed to tie the dreamers to the ms-13 game. did that terrible you? >> no.
8:09 am
that's like saying you can't criticize the mafia because they're italian. the bottom line is mms-13 are a gang. >> the majority are not -- hold on a second. he never said they were. the majority ha p to be from immigrant families and communities. ms-13 does not go into beverly hills. it's in communities where other immigrants are living. that is who they prayharm. when you're going after ms-13 first and you're going after a gang that's hurting immigrants. i'm noe criticism, i really am not. >> okay. >> senator,ut puerto rico. the president mentioned all the different places that were hit by these st has had a cuffer time of it. is the executive bnc make sure ?
8:10 am
>> we have to do more. i yesterday on the senate floor with mym pl. we're going to be able to get that done. i would say it's also not the fedeies ragoat lie in the governments in puerto rico, particularly the government of puerto rico and there arishes there as well. i think my biggest concern is that we at the federal level rapidly didn't doe process at the federal level. at this stage, there are things fema can do.o more. >> senator, before we go, i know last weekend you flew back from florida to washington to fire your chief of staff after learning the day before of allegation of improper conduct.
8:11 am
model for how other lawmakers and congres when they learn someone on their staff is accuse of this type of different and people right to their side. in this particular case i was presented with overwhelming ce. i acted on it immediately. you have to act on it immediately. >> what troubles you about what he did? >> well, the problem with discussing details and this is why -- the victims and the people that came forward. if i say enough details about this, people will be able to figure out white is. it's one of those kinds of cases. if they ever decide to come forward publicly, aisle support them 100%. i'm going to honor it. if i don't, let me tell you what happens. then people will be afraid to come forward because they don't
8:12 am
want that to be part of the search engine results for the rest of their lives. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. an alabama journalist stumbled pot the "clotilda" effect. >> a cargo ship has resurfaced almost 160 years after it disappeared north of mobile bay. we'll
8:13 am
8:14 am
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a little john legend. a good way to start the day. we're learning of a potential historic discovery of the last
8:19 am
slave ship to land. the co-tilda landed in alabama's bay. it's probably the remains of a wooden ship. mark strassmann spoke with the descendants of the "clotilda" slaves to see what the discovery means for them. >> reporter: north of mobile bay ben raines boated us to where he believes there's a link to america's original sin, the last slave ship to bring human cargo from africa. >> it was like pulling back a blanket along the shoreline and suddenly you could see who was under the covers and suddenly there was the ship. >> reporter: raines shot this video of the "clotilda" buried by mud. this aerial view shows the outline of the starboard hull. he spent three months studying the captain's journal and insurance documents.
8:20 am
knowing it's definitely the "clotilda" means raising it at its site. >> solving the mystery is in the mud. >> solving the mystery is in the mud. >> in 1860 before the civil war owning slaves was legal but importing them had been outlawed. timothy mayor made a center bet he could break the law and bought the "clotilda." >> he outfitted just to prove he could. he sent it nearly 6,000 which is now africa.ter returne slaves, mostly teenagers, and snuck them back i on july 9th, he unloaded the slaves into a swamp and on mayor's orrs, burned the ship t
8:21 am
the crime. >> as i studied it more, more p of, holy cow, what this means. >> africa town, a few miles from the ship wreck was settled by the "clotilda's" freed slaves after the civil war. many descendants still live here today. >> his name was gumpa. >> gumpa. >> reporter: they're peter lee's great great grandchildren. "clo settled in africa town. they'r >> and we're here. many uniquely know exactly where their ancestors came frthey got ship. >> i take pride in the fact they were able to survive that passage to america. >> william green had two
8:22 am
ancestors aboard the "clotilda. here, that e're your oftentimes maybe not under the best of circumstances, but yet you are here of them. >> reporter: what happens next is up to state and foffials. the sort of choice, the "clotilda's" human choice never could have imag strassmann, mobile, alabama. >> an amazing story. they said for years the plantation owners tried to act like this incident never happened. now that it's uncovered, maybe it will go a long way toward unhealing. >> think about how many stories are being told. imagine two military planes just a few feet apart ahead, what military an unsafe action by a russian jet. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:23 am
8:24 am
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companies are good morning, i'm rahel solomon. last time they were on the field together they were competitors but the vikings and eagles are teaming up for a good cause. >> players from the eagles vikings coached teams involved in the football game in minneapolis benefitimg picks. eagles cheerleaders and swoop made an appearance. after the ge polar plunge at the mall of america. it looks like fun out there. por plunge it feels cold outside. >> indeed it does that thermo a plu ie here and our temperature readings are about 15 to almost as much as 20 degrees colder then this same time
8:26 am
yesterday. we will not rebound much past mid 30's which is what we saw yesterday but still steady in the 30's to day is much chillier start outside the junior/senior high school, little left over snow from yesterday but it is cold but we havarempetures we have to do math in your head knock five to 10 degrees off wind blows. thankfully that will be easing up especially come tonight. by tomorrow night another onrain turning over to snow as it makes its exit and another round of wintryr way super bowl. >> busy. ut 95 norths an accident we bound at route 322 in delaware county. left lane block here. another accident in phoenixville route 23, schuylkill road eastbound at township line road, road closed there route 926, street road, closed for an accident in west marlboro township. there is no word on injuries. we will keep you up to date. that is it at cbs-3 "eyewitness news" up head, new adventure between the two
8:27 am
comedian in the top i'm rahel solomon. good morning.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
welcome back tbs it's time to show you headlines from around the globe. the hill russian fighter jet flying within 500 feet of an american aircraft. as we reported, it internationae over the black sea. the u. actions, quote/unquote, unsafe. "time" shows us about milks. there are four alternatives.
8:31 am
soy came out on top. thaled it is closest to the cow's milk and the highest in to 12 grachls per 8-ounce >> do you think vanilla almond sugar-free. we talked about thsugar-free. a new study suggests o imit. >> well, speech and else. that's a killeramed weeky. she was able to imitate her trainer's, there's no evidence that they
8:32 am
understand what hello actually means. surprised an officer withys the- bowl tickets. >> if you have nothing going on, we have a pair of super bowl tickets. >> officer norbert ramon received the tickets because of his courage during the hurricane. he first met ramon last september when he helped save nearly 1,500 people with hurricane harvey despite battling stage 4 cancer. >> i'm speechless. this makes me forget what i'm going through. i really appreciate this very ramon's colleagues say the sacrifices he made during hurricane harvey were absolutely unreal, nothing short of heroic. so excited for him that he's going. >> the kids really appreciate him. that's nice. >> skbaeps are beginning to
8:33 am
release their coveted super bowl commercials ahead of the big game. over the past decade, the average cost for a 30-second super bowl ad has increased by 87%. the cost per spot this year is $5 million. one that's getting early buzz is a "lip sync battle" between doritos and -- >> doritos blaze, a bold new flavor that brings the heat. ♪ ♪ you can stop me now unless you turn around come on get me
8:34 am
>>. >> they want to get as much publicity. >> they really want to put as much publicity behind it as possible, so they prereleased a lot of these. >> the theme, there's been some political ads, is that something you're expecting to see again this year or is that getting consumers keend of irritated? >> i think most of the ads will be more lighthearted and funny. most of the advertisers are going to steer clear of talking politics and social issues. for your the most part they're going see humor play out. >> groupon is coming back. they can thank tiffany ha dish for that. >> you can tell us the story. >> you're not only saving money. you're also supporting local business. i mean what kind of person wouldn't want to support local
8:35 am
business? >> i hate local business. family owned, even better. shut 'em down. >> when you're saving your neighborhood, it feels so good. it didn't feel good for him, though. >> i like that. tiffany haddish. >> the backstory. she was on jimmy kimmel how she used a groupon to take will and ja jada pinkett-smith. they brought her on. >> will and jada thought it was going to be a private trip. so when they came and all those people were there, they were like, why are all those people here, she said groupon. they said why is that. i think it's junous that they put them together. >> m&ms is making a return starring dan yoo devo toe. take a look. >> i've had three people try to
8:36 am
eat me today, three. lucky penny. anyway, sometimes i wish i were human. >> look at me. i'm human. do you want to eat me? >> no. >> do you want to eat me? >> no. >> do you want to eat me? nobody wants to eat me. i'm the luckiest man. >> you dropped your lucky penny. >> man, i look good. >> you're still short and bald. >> how does that fit into the whole theme of this year? >> a family viewing. that could go many ways. >> the theme is you get hit by a football or bus. >> it's slap stek. they're looking to keep this light. they don't want you to lean into ai issues. they want it to be a fun conversation. >> in the past there's been a big gap between men ads and women ads. do you think given the climate things will be different?
8:37 am
>> i think most men watch more football than women. >> you would think that. >> last year was under 49% female who watched super bowl football. the ads still are heavily skewed now both in the context and the people that are starring in the ads themselves. you know, last year we took a look. there were 61 men in featured rolls and 23 women. it doesn't look like that's going to change much this year. >> i like the point that a lot of women watch football. >> what's budweiser doing this year? >> budweiser will be promoting some of its efforts. it's bringing water to areas hit by natural disasters. instead of clydesdales, they're promost public effort. the clydesdales will be in a five-second bumper ad that you can then go watch downline. they're not getting rid of them
8:38 am
apparently entirely. >> who had to deliver that news to the clydesdales? >> might have been a little traumatic for them. >> thank you very much, jeanine. the comedy duo "two dope queens" wait till you meet thome. they tackle hair, makeup, and sexism. jessica, say hello. >> hi. >> and phoebe robinson -- she hates it when you call her phoebe. they're plus their budding relationship
8:39 am
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it's coming. i like it. >> it's so pretty. >> i feel very much like each strand of gray harks i'm lierks one step closer to a black history stamp month. >> something we all aspire to be, norah and jochblt a black history month stamp. that's "two dope queens." they blend the unique bland of
8:43 am
conversation, standup comedy and storytelli storytelling. it hit number one. "time" magazine called the team the gold standard for comedy podcasting. >> i didn't know that. >> they're taking their irreverent show to hbo for a special four-part series. this is a sample. >> you're an angel. >> why should we do it to each other when th there's so many others who should apologize to us first. i'm just kidding. just kidding. they say that a lot, the two dope queens, jessica williams and phoebe robinson. welcome. >> thank you so much. >> the thing that works is the chemistry between the two of you. until i started reading, i just thought you guys were lifelong
8:44 am
friends. >> we're not. we just met. >> you met and you clicked right away. >> yeah. was doing background on a "daily show" piece. she was doing a special on black women's hair in the military, hello, hello, hello. we had magic instantly. >> instant chemistry. it was a great tinder day. >> a great tinder day. >> but to go from a podcast to tv where we can see you and hear you, what's been the biggest change and challenge. >> spanx. a lot of spanx. >> we got our mails done, makeup, hair, wig budget. it was amazinamazing. no. i think initially the format of our podcast is we host the show and we have a lot of standup storytellers an select guests. we always try to make sure we have women, people of color or members of the lgbtq community
8:45 am
on the show. it's very nice. but we basically took that and made it into four taped hbo specials and we tape them at the king's theater in brooklyn, which was lovely. >> did it cause you to work out your relationship snit's like playing an acoustics set. is that where you >> like the grateful jam. >> or fish. like the black>>o. but we -- we spent so much time -- we've beenfor four years. we've spent so the much time hanging out going the concerts, or talking trash about people. >>- we're always texting each other and we're always aiming to meop out with us. >> they fee just can't talk to you. do they come up to you aeanted and this to you? >> they're sogrea they think i'm it' like cocoa
8:46 am
perfume. it's great. cocoa ka leeces. that's a game of tloehrones reference. >> i'm not from the 18th century. >> i didn't know because i don't watch game of thrones. >> you should. >> this is the thing that's so great. you guys aren't afraid to go there, especially when it comes to race. i marvel that you embrace it, take it on. >> we've both had experience. people have had racist pe a lot of people can relate to that just like having these toughnd we find -- >> how do you have a experience? because they drove by? >> you, too, because
8:47 am
>> that's s i thought it was -- >> wewhite bays, girlfriends. >> language. > minis british, so og white. >> that's kicking it really old but anyway we -- the cab driver drove past me wte bay was half a block up trying to hail a cab and was super upset i jumped in the cab and i was like, surprise it's me. he's not happy. >> are they coming on the new hbo show? >> they nearet bng behind the scenes, i this. >> they're behind the scenes. it's hot.
8:48 am
what makes the best comedy? >> i think just being truthful andng because that's what the audience wants to hear. ca general things and they can be like, i've haven't and that's the most important part. >> what about sexism?there. not just racism but sexism. >> that's whyfo us to have, not to be able to speakree will on page bnd members of the and co. it's like all of those things come together that was something that we started 3 1/2 years ago thaty have never let go of. >> and you make it work zady. i never knew what zady was. >> thiechb theven though they w one. >> oh, my god, i agree. >> john, very good.
8:49 am
>> like a hot guy who can be a daddy but also maybe doesn't have any kids and you're like, cool, i can date you. you jazz it up. >> like zatarain. >> with a hot daddy. >> did you hear john say we work with one. >> but i have kids. >> you can be married and be a zaty. as long as you're hot. >> go, jessica and phoebe. >> we're taking over, did you guys not know? >> elizabeth said we even got go. >> thanks. it premieres on friday night and you can hear more on "cbs this morning" podcasted on your podcast app. today we hear from dr. segal. here's a tip from his book. w tv. this is going to be the place for binge watching, ladies.
8:50 am
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go m donovan. philadelphia police say they are ready todl sunday throws at them. only "eyewitness news" was in mayfai met with bar and business owners in preparation for sunday's big game. gathering place for partyers after big games and police say they will increase manpower and include checkpoints where they will look for bottles and weapons. lets turn to katie for the forecast. >> all and all we are catching a between systems but still chilly, tranquil day regardless. bright blue skies, sunshine hint of wind makes it feels chillier. if you are lucky enough to be flying out to minneapolis today it has had some snow late last night but skies are nice and clear. over minneapolis in problems
8:56 am
there certainly not here either. it is just chilly. you are currently only feeling in the single digits or at best mid teens in any given location and that is courtesy of the light wind out of the northwest which will ease up as day goes on. another front comes along though tomorrow night bringing with it rain, turning to snow through overnight, there might be minor shall yous with the early morning commute on groundhog day and then gannon super bowl sunday we expect another round of light precipitation to come through and will once again be a mixture of rain and some snow, >> thanks very much, taking a look at traffic ease bun route 30 bypass is jam due to an accident, pennsylvania route 100, blocking the shoulder so be aware of. that taking a look at maps we have an accident in phoenixville on route 23 schuylkill road at township line road, all ease bun lanes are closed there, and patco is running on a modified schedule all day while crews continue to make repairs to monday's down electrical pole. and that is "eyewitness news"
8:57 am
for now join us for "eyewitness news" at noon i'm jim donovan, make it a great day.
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well, with your finances that is. we n voya. helping you to and through retirement. >> announcer: the doctors are taking a twisted trip deep into the depths of a ki brain. >> there was someone who shouldn't be walking around in oen society. i peeled back the same and it was my name. >> i was screaming loud. i was frustrated. >> announcer: at the end of her rope. the doors surprise her. >> the battle of the bulge. what's the real deal, that's today! [ applause ] ♪ >> dr. travis: the mass shootings in las vegas, violent massacre at the church, and the recent death of charles manson, has everyone asking how one person could be the killer of so many. we have dr. james fallon,
9:01 am
neuroscientist, and he says the re


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